Patriot’s Picks: The Best Small Business Articles

The best small business articles from February.

Here are the best small business articles we read in February. We hope you find this advice for business owners as interesting and useful as we did.

Small business tips

3 Trade Show Tips for Small Businesses | NuWire Investor

Trade shows might be an effective way to gain exposure for your business. This article will help you get the most out of your trade show experiences. For example, you’ll get advice for following up after the event. (Read)

3 Advantages Of Cryptocurrencies For Small Businesses | Young Upstarts

Cryptocurrencies are making news as a trendy way to make and accept payments. Should your small business accept cryptocurrency payments from customers? Check out the three reasons why your business might want to jump onto the trend. (Read)

Marketing your business

What Small Businesses Need to Know Before Hiring A Website Company | Strella Social Media

It’s important for all businesses to have a website. But, creating a website from scratch can be difficult. Because of this, it might be wise to hire a company to build a website for you. Before you do, read these six things to look for. (Read)

4 Simple Tips for Small Business Email Marketing | SendinBlue

Email marketing can be a great way to get people to buy from you. But for email marketing to be effective, you need subscribers and a good emailing plan. Read these four tips, plus follow the clear action items to start improving your email marketing. (Read)

In the workplace

5 Tips For Successful Small Business Employee Training | Forbes

Your business will be more efficient if you have a plan to train employees well. Our very own CEO, Mike Kappel, goes through five tips for making sure your workplace training is sufficient. (Read)


8 Ways To Finance Your Small Business | Merchant Maverick

Are you having trouble funding your business? Or, are you confused about your options? This small business article details several options, telling you what to look for and where to look. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top payroll and accounting articles published by Patriot Software.


The Basics of Business Bank Statements

A business bank statement may seem like a simple, unimportant document, but it can be greatly beneficial to your business. Check out this article to learn about the parts of the bank statement and the many ways you can use the document to clean up your business finances. (Read)

A Guide to Start Buying Wholesale for Small Business

It can be cheaper to buy inventory and office supplies in bulk from a wholesaler. This small business article can help you choose the best wholesaler for your business. You’ll also learn about wholesale agreements and purchase recordkeeping. (Read)


What Is Compensation?

Compensation is the total cash and non-cash payments you give to an employee in exchange for the work they do. This article names many times of compensation you might offer employees. It also walks you through how to determine an employee’s pay. (Read)

What Does Pay Frequency Mean?

How often do you pay your employees? While you likely have options of how often you pay employees, you must still follow state laws, industry standards, and other factors. Discover what pay frequency works best for your business. (Read)

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