Patriot’s Picks: The Best Small Business Articles

The best small business articles from February.

Here are the best small business articles we read in February. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we did.

Advice for business owners

How Small Business Owners Can Reclaim Their Time | Influencive

Being a small business owner can be stressful. From running your business to handling administrative tasks, you might feel like you’re doing a million and one things. If you want to reclaim your time, you must prioritize your health, make conscious separations, and outsource help. (Read)

Over Hiring Is the Startup Kiss of Death. Here’s How to Avoid It. | OpenView Labs

Do you want to hire more employees in your small business? Before promoting job openings, make sure you prepare. Otherwise, you could end up making costly hiring mistakes that cripple business growth. From figuring out who you need for your business to evaluating your company’s needs, use the tips in this article to avoid over hiring. (Read)

In the workplace

The Modern Leadership Challenge: An Exquisite Merger of Life and Business | Terry Starbucker

When it comes to leading your staff, personal connection is key. Rather than being aloof to your employees, you need to understand, respect, and appreciate them. Merge your business’s needs —a.k.a., to turn a profit—with your employee’s needs to be happy and fulfilled at work for business success. (Read)

3 Reasons to Apologize Even if You’ve Done Nothing Wrong | Leading with Trust

As the leader of your business, apologizing when you didn’t do anything wrong can sometimes be the responsible decision. But, apologizing can be difficult when you’re right. This article goes over three instances when you should consider apologizing. (Read)

Small business security

Real or Fake: Keeping Your Business Safe from Invoice Fraud | Experian

Fraudsters can send fake invoices to determine how closely a business analyzes its bills. These invoices might be duplicates, have inflated prices, or completely made up. Review your invoices carefully before falling into this trap. Check out the list of red flags in this article to help you spot invoice fraud. (Read)

Don’t Be Fooled by the Latest Email Scam | Small Business Trends

A new email scam pretending to be an alert from businesses’ project management software nearly fooled the Better Business Bureau. If you and your employees aren’t prepared, your business could be a victim of email scams. Increase security threat awareness to prevent falling for scams. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top payroll and accounting articles published by Patriot Software.


What Is Form 1040?

Most taxpayers must file their individual income tax return. This article goes over the ins and outs of Form 1040, including when to file, how to fill it out, and filing deadlines. And, understand which business owner forms you may need to attach to Form 1040. Check out this article to learn more. (Read)

Last Chance to Claim the FMLA Tax Credit?

Small business tax reductions, like the FMLA tax credit, can greatly reduce how much your company owes in taxes. The Family and Medical Leave Act tax credit lets eligible employers who offer paid FMLA reduce their liabilities in tax years 2018 and 2019. Read this article to find out if you meet the tax credit qualifications. (Read)


How to Read a W-2 Form: Box-by-box Breakdown

With tax season in full swing, you need to understand the tiniest details on Form W-2. That way, you can answer employee questions about their forms. This article guides you through each box on Form W-2. (Read)

What to Know About Form 941 Reconciliation

Compare your four Forms 941 to your annual Form W-3 through reconciliation. You must use Form 941 reconciliation to verify your forms are accurate and help avoid possible IRS penalties. Find out how to reconcile your forms using the five steps in this article. (Read)

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