Patriot’s Picks: The Best Small Business Articles

The best small business articles from February.

Here are the best small business articles we’ve read this past February. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we did.

Small business tips

7 Ways to Minimize the Risks of Running a Small Business | She Owns It

There is risk involved with starting a business. But, you can reduce the amount of risk and increase your business’s chances of survival. Use these seven tips to prepare your business for the future. (Read)

4 Small Business Groups You Can Join for Free | Nav

Being a small business owner is easier when you have a community to help you. There are a lot of small business groups—some free and some with a fee. This article lists four groups that you can join for free, along with a description of how you can benefit from each membership. (Read)

Entrepreneurial advice

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure | Small Business Bonfire

Starting a business can be terrifying. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong. But just because things could go wrong, it doesn’t mean they will. You need to get past your fear of failure. Read this advice for business owners to learn how. (Read)

Small business security

How to Avoid a Thief in Your Small Business | Succeed as Your Own Boss

How well do you trust your employees? No matter if your employees are some of the most trusted people in your life, they could be stealing money from your business. Learn the signs that something might be wrong, and what safeguards you can put in place to prevent an inside thief from damaging your business. (Read)

Tax talk

New Tax Deadlines for Business in 2017 | Don’t Mess With Taxes

It’s important to stay on top of tax due dates. If you’re late, you could owe penalties and other fines. Check out this article to see deadlines that have moved for 2017. Then, mark your calendar so you don’t forget them. (Read)


Understanding the Math Behind Discounts: Are They the Right Choice for You? | Entrepreneur

Before you discount your products or services, you need to know whether the reduction is beneficial. Will the price drop help you sell more, or will you lose income? This article will show you the math that will help you make discounting decisions. (Read)

Keep it legal

The Dangers of DIY Legal | Huffington Post

Doing your own legal work for your business might sound appealing. You can save a lot of money by not using a lawyer. But, what happens if you mess up? You don’t have the time or knowledge to put toward legal issues that a professional lawyer does. Discover why DIY legal could be potentially lethal to your business. (Read)

Lighter reading

The Wackiest Things Small Business Owners Try to Deduct |

Tax deductions can be greatly beneficial for your small business. They can help you save some much-needed money. But you can’t deduct everything, as other small businesses have found out. Check out these strange things that other small business owners tried to deduct, and what some of them got away with. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


What Is Cash-basis Accounting?

Cash-basis accounting is a simple accounting method that works for many small business owners. In this small business article, you will find out if your business can use the cash-basis method, how to use the method, and how it compares to other accounting methods. (Read)

How to Set up Accounting Books for Small Business

Creating accounting books for your business does not have to be difficult. Let the five steps in this article guide you through the process. An infographic in the article will help you easily see each task, and the accompanying text contains the details you need. (Read)


When Does Direct Deposit Go Through?

If you pay your employees with direct deposit, they probably want to know the exact moment the money will reach their bank account. It turns out, that the deposit date depends on a number of factors. Read this small business article to help your employees find out when they’ll receive their pay. (Read)

What Are Payroll Taxes?

If you’re an employer, you need to know about payroll taxes. You are responsible for withholding, filing, and remitting the taxes. Find out what you need to do. If you’re self-employed, this article will help you understand your payroll tax liabilities, too. (Read)

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