Patriot’s Picks: The Best Small Business Articles

The best small business articles.

Here are the best small business articles we read in October. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we did.

Small business tips

6 Common Mistakes Side Hustlers Make—and How to Avoid Them |

Whether you’re a side hustler or a full-time business owner, there are mistakes you can make when building your business. This small business article covers six common legal mistakes, including failing to get permits and violating zoning laws. (Read)

10 Brilliant Ways Non-retail Businesses Can Celebrate Small Business Saturday | Small Business Trends

Small Business Saturday is a great way to get your business known. You can amp up your marketing and promotions to attract customers during the occasion. Even if you run an online or service-based business, you can use Small Business Saturday to your advantage. Find out how in this article. (Read)

Advice for business owners

8 ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance | Thrive Global

When you own a small business, your work and home matters can easily merge or interfere. Creating some separation can be a good thing. Try these eight tips to be your best self at home and work. (Read)

In the workplace

How to Hire an Intern for Your Small Business | MileIQ

Are you thinking about hiring an employee to help out at your business? This article will walk you through various steps and considerations that will help you find the right match for your business. (Read)

Marketing your business

Must-know Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business | Wix

What’s your strategy for marketing your business? It’s OK if you don’t know where to start. This small business article explains multiple marketing strategies, including inbound and outbound marketing, email marketing, guerilla marketing, and more. You’ll learn the basics of each strategy, plus see real examples of the strategies in action. (Read)

3 Tips for Small Business Marketing | Social Barrel

Any small business owner can set up marketing. But, you need to stand out from other businesses to get noticed and bring in customers. Use these three tips to develop your marketing and brand identity. (Read)

Small business security

Make Cybersecurity a Priority in a Small Business’ Early Stages | Business 2 Community

Don’t overlook cybersecurity when starting a business. Even a new business is vulnerable to attacks. Use these six tips to protect your business from the very beginning. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top payroll and accounting articles published by Patriot Software.


What Is an EFT Payment?

Electronic fund transfers (EFT) can be beneficial to your business. You can use EFT payments to pay vendors and employees. And, you can probably use EFT for other business transactions, too. Discover all the ways you can use EFT payments for your business. (Read)

How to Tell If Money Is Fake

At some point, a customer might give you counterfeit money. This small business article walks you through how to determine if money is fake. Plus, it tells you what to do if you discover fake money, including how to mark it in your accounting books if you already accepted the money. (Read)


What Is a Lookback Period for Forms 941 and 944?

There are two deposit schedules for Social Security, Medicare, and federal income taxes. You must use a lookback period to determine which deposit schedule to use. This article will walk you through the lookback period and help you select the correct deposit schedule. (Read)

How Long to Keep Payroll Records

Do you know how long you need to keep payroll records for your employees? Different types of records have different retention lengths. Check out this article to find out how long you should store records so you can comply with laws. (Read)

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