Here are the best small business articles we read in November. We hope you find this advice for business owners as interesting and useful as we did.

Small business tips

How to Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media | B2C

Want to drive traffic to your business website? Who doesn’t? This article goes into detail about how you can use social media to give website traffic a boost by taking advantage of eight easy tips. (Read)

In the workplace

Creating Hitchhikers Not Hijackers in Your Virtual Meetings | Leadership & Learning

Virtual meetings have become the new normal for businesses around the world. But with virtual meetings come new challenges, including more meeting “hijackers” (aka people who dominate the conversation and get others off topic). If you’re struggling to deter meeting hijackers, check out this article for ways to keep everyone on track and make meetings more productive. (Read)

Advice for business owners

5 Things You Don’t Want To Forget To Do In 2021 | Forbes

There’s nothing worse than making a to-do list, checking it twice, and then realizing later on that you forgot to include something on said list. But have no fear … Patriot’s CEO, Mike Kappel, has put together COVID-19 legislation-related reminders for the upcoming new year. Check out what five things you don’t want to let slip your mind heading into 2021 (and be sure to add them to your list). (Read)

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Innovative Products In 2021 And Beyond | Minutes

When it comes to creating something new and innovative, the most difficult part is the beginning. And if you want to be innovative and create something unique that others will love, you need to keep a few things in mind. This article goes over three things to consider when innovating in 2021 and beyond. (Read)

Marketing your business

Why Niche Audiences Are Important and How to Find Yours | Bplans

The audience you market to can make or break your business’s success. Many companies tend to target a wider audience instead of narrowing down a niche audience. Read about the importance of niche audiences and how to find your own by asking a few questions. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


How to Record Sales Returns and Allowances

If you sell products at your business, dealing with sales returns is inevitable. A customer may return an item because they accidentally bought the wrong product, received a damaged good, or bought more than they needed. Whatever the reasoning behind the return may be, you need to know how to record purchase returns and allowances in your books. This article breaks down accounting for a sales return with a journal entry, step by step. (Read)

Woah There! Can a Business Refuse Cash?

To keep your company safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic, you may have considered temporarily not accepting cash payments from customers. But, can a business legally refuse cash? Get the scoop on whether your business can go cashless and the pros and cons of refusing cash. (Read)


Break Your Employees Off a Piece of That … Paid Time Off?

Thinking about offering your hardworking employees PTO, or paid time off? Before you make any decisions, read up on what paid time off is, how it can benefit your business and employees, and what to address in your PTO policy. (Read)

Which States Have Reciprocal Agreements … and What Does That Mean?

If you have an employee who lives in one state and works in another, this one’s for you. When an employee commutes across state lines for work, you may be able to take advantage of tax reciprocity, depending on the states involved. A tax reciprocity agreement allows employees to avoid the hassle of filing multiple state tax returns. Read this article to learn all about tax reciprocity and which states have them. (Read)