Patriot’s Picks: The Best Small Business Articles

Read the best small business articles.

Here are the best small business articles we’ve read this past month. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we did.

Small business tips

5 Reasons to Share Your Work-in-progress | Freelancers Union

You might not share your business’s work until you finish it. You might wait until your business idea is perfect or a product is fully developed. But, there are benefits to sharing your incomplete or imperfect work. (Read)

10 Technology Mistakes That Kill Small Businesses | Small Biz Technology

Technology is vital. Everything from a website, to social media, to software can make or break your business. Read this small business article to find out 10 common technology mistakes that could severely hurt your small business. (Read)

Entrepreneurial advice

7 Small Business Owners on the Hardest Part About Working for Themselves | The Financial Diet

All small business owners have struggles and have to learn how to persevere. Find out what other entrepreneurs have a difficult time with. How does your small business journey compare? (Read)

17 Surprising Habits of the Most Successful People | Read Think

Do you have the habits of a successful person? Find out from this infographic. Are there any habits in this article that will help you become more successful as an entrepreneur. (Read)

In the workplace

Drama: Good for Ratings, Bad for Business | SmartBrief

When you have a group of people who are together day after day, there will be drama. When there is drama at your business, how will you handle it? This small business article will help you learn three ways you can deal with drama among your employees. (Read)

Factors That Make Employee Motivation Challenging for Small Businesses | Ground Report

If your employees aren’t motivated, there might be a reason why. This article lists five reasons employees might be unmotivated. When you know the reasons why employees become less motivated, you can take actions to keep them interested in their jobs and your business. (Read)

Marketing your business

55 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have | Susan Solovic

In this internet-connected world, having a website will help potential customers find you. But, having a website isn’t enough—it needs to be effective. The infographic in this small business article will tell you everything you need to include on your website. (Read)

How Any Small Business Can Compete With the Big Boys Using Seo and Social Media | Quick Sprout

Do you feel like you can’t compete with the big chain stores? By using SEO and social media, you can get a leg up. Find out how these two tools can help your business and why you should use them. (Read)

Just for fun

Weird State Laws that Affect Your Small Business | Small Business Trends

Your business has a lot of laws to follow. But, you might forget some laws that affect your business. Check out this small business article to learn one weird, little-known law from each state. For example, in Georgia, it’s illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin if the shades are open. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


8 Things That Trigger an IRS Audit and How to Avoid Them

Small businesses are not immune to IRS audits. You could be sending up red flags that make you more susceptible to an audit. You can discover eight things that can trigger an audit when you download this free guide. (Read)

Offer Credit to Customers: the Pros and Cons

Have you considered offering credit to your customers? Before you do, weigh the pros and cons. This advice for small business owners can help you gain and keep customers who want more ways to pay. (Read)


How to Do Payroll Yourself

If you have employees, you have to run payroll. Doing payroll yourself doesn’t have to be scary. This article explains three ways you can do payroll. Under each method, there is a breakdown of the steps you would take. (Read)

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Payroll Taxes

Not paying payroll taxes can be devastating for your business. You could face penalties and possible jail time. Find out what you should do if you fail to pay payroll taxes. (Read)

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