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Small business security

Here’s what tax pros can do so they aren’t taken on a phishing trip | IRS

Whether you’re a tax pro, small business owner, or employee, you need to be on the lookout for malicious phishing activities. Learn about these five types of phishing tactics hackers can use to attack your business. (Read)

Marketing your business

Facebook wants to remove the Likes counter and why I think that’s a good idea | Mashable

Have you heard the news? Facebook is thinking about getting rid of “Like” counts, which could affect your small business social media marketing strategy. Learn more about the potential change—and why this author thinks it’s a good idea for business—in this article. (Read)

The Dos and Don’ts for Creating Facebook and Instagram Video Ads in 2019 | TotalRetail

Are video ads part of your marketing strategy? If they are, or if you’re thinking about it, make sure to follow the dos and don’ts in this article. For effective video ads, use a template, convey your message without sound, keep branding consistent, and more. (Read)

In the workplace

Go ahead and tell your most embarrassing story. It will boost your creativity | FastCompany

This interesting study found that there’s a strong link between embarrassing stories and innovation in a business-team setting. Not to mention, laughing off embarrassment can build camaraderie and boost relatability. See how you can encourage employees to set their pride aside in this fun read. (Read)

When it comes to sales

7 Traits I Look for When Hiring Sales Talent | CloserIQ

Are you adding new employees to your sales team? Do you need help making sure you hire the best of the best? If so, check out the traits to look for in this article. Keep an eye out for candidates with a high tolerance for rejection, great communication skills, high energy, and four more traits. (Read)

The Truth About Price Objections | Engage Selling

Do your sales employees struggle with price objections? If so, you can offer a unique piece of advice by telling them to study their favorite comedians. To deal with price objections, your sales team can mimic how comedians handle hecklers. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


Does Your Business Qualify for a 20% Pass-through Deduction?

If you’re not familiar with the 20% pass-through deduction, also called the 199A or qualified business income deduction, you should be. Depending on your business structure, you may be able to take a deduction of up to 20% of your taxable business income. Check out this article to learn more. (Read)

The Average Cost of Living by State, and Why Ignoring it Could Sink Your Business 

As a business owner, it’s a good idea to think about the cost of living in your state. Knowing how much it costs the average person to maintain their standard of living can help you when setting salaries, creating your budget, and coming up with product or service pricing. Find out the annual mean wage by state, the median monthly rent, the value of a dollar, and more by reading this article. (Read)


Can You Pay That?! Federal and State Tipped Minimum Wage Rates 

Although there is a federal minimum wage for tipped employees, states can set their own laws requiring employers to pay a higher wage. Get the lowdown on which states follow the federal tipped minimum wage and which states require a higher wage. Use the chart, map, and lists in this article to get started. (Read)

10 California Labor Laws Your Business Needs to Brush up On

OK California business owners and employers: listen up. California has some pretty unique regulations you don’t want to violate. From a higher minimum wage to double-time pay laws, make sure you read up on California’s labor laws. And, play the matching game at the end to test your knowledge. (Read)