Patriot’s Picks: The Best Small Business Articles

The best small business articles from December

Here are the best small business articles we read in December. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we did.

Small business tips

How a Small Business Can Accept Credit Cards | MileIQ

If you’re currently running a cash-only business, you might consider accepting credit cards. Find out why accepting them might be a good idea, how to do it, and how to accept payments online. (Read)

In the workplace

5 Actionable Ways to Engage Your Remote Workforce | Hired

It may be more difficult to keep remote employees engaged than in-office employees. But, it’s important to keep them equally well engaged. Learn about the simple methods you can use to keep remote workers involved and happy. (Read)

Marketing your business

The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing for Small Business | Fundera

If you’re just starting your business or you’re not sure where to start with marketing, check out this article. You’ll learn many of the basics, including what to consider, personas, SEO, giveaways, email marketing, and more. (Read)

7 Reasons It May Be Time to Rebrand Your Business (Infographic) | Small Business Trends

You might have started your business with one image, but now you want your business to have another. Check out this infographic to learn when you should rebrand. Also, check out the examples of famous companies that rebranded so you can get your own ideas. (Read)

Small business security

4 Small Business Security Considerations | OnDeck

No business is too small to be breached by physical and cyber thieves. You need to invest in security measures that will deter criminals and protect your items and information in case someone does break in. Use the tips in this article to create your business’s physical and virtual security plans. (Read)

Keep it legal

5 Legal Issues Your Small Business May Face | Small Business Bonfire

Running a business comes with many legal obligations. This small business article includes five common legal issues. Your business might face problems and consequences later if you don’t properly deal with these legal issues, such as lawsuits, fines, and complications. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


7 Ways to Get Out of Business Debt

Business debt is sometimes helpful and necessary, but it can quickly become unmanageable. If your business is sitting under a heavy burden of debt, it’s time to climb out from under it. Use the methods in this small business article to save your business. (Read)

Use a Suspense Account for Questionable Transactions

When you’re recording transactions in your accounting books, you might occasionally have one entry you’re not sure where to record. When this happens, you can use a suspense account to hold it until you determine where it belongs. Check out this article to learn when and how to use one. (Read)


10 Common Payroll Mistakes Small Businesses Make

You must run payroll accurately. If you make a mistake—even a small one—you might have angry employees and receive fines, penalties, and jail time. The best way to avoid payroll mistakes is to know what they are. Discover the common payroll mistakes small business owners make. (Read)

The Payroll Compliance Checklist you Need to Use

Payroll compliance is continuous. You must complete tasks every payday, month, quarter, and year. To help you stay compliant with laws and complete tasks on time, use a payroll compliance checklist. (Read)

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