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The Pandemic Conversations That Leaders Need to Have Now | Harvard Business School 

Workplace communication changed a lot when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But, has your communication sparked genuine conversations with your employees? If you’re planning to transition back to the office after remote work, you need the right communication method. This article dives into how to have effective and productive conversations in a new working world. (Read

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How to tackle the post-pandemic review | Financial Management

Getting ready to tackle performance reviews and unsure of where to start? Whether your employees are working from home or at the office, the pandemic changed workplace goals for many businesses. This article gives tips for how to handle performance reviews in light of all the changes. (Read)

5 Tips to Make Entrepreneurs Resilient When Challenges Threaten Their Business | GlobalTrade

Running a business can throw a lot of curveballs your way. Some are easy to plan for, but others are completely unforeseen (ahem, COVID-19). Do you have a plan in place to keep your business resilient in the face of obstacles? Check out this article for tips on how to keep your business moving forward in the face of change and challenge. (Read)

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Email Marketing Strategy: What Marketers Need to Know | Social Media Examiner

You might think your inbox is overcrowded, but emails can be one of the best marketing strategies. Learning how to make the most of your email messages is a crucial first step. Need to know how to optimize your email marketing? Read this article to find out how to make the most of it. (Read

6 Modern Marketing Basics That New Business Owners Must Prioritize | Inc.

Do you have an attention-grabbing product without an attention-grabber to market it? Trying to figure out the best way to get your business’s name in front of customers? Read this article for tips on how to build a marketing strategy that will get your business in front of your customers’ eyes. (Read)

When it comes to sales

As a small business owner, you will have to be a salesperson at some point. Here are some successful sales techniques. | USA Today

At some point or another, you may have to act as a salesperson for your business. You may have to sell customers on the idea of your services, your capabilities, or why your business is the best for the job. Not a salesperson? That’s okay. This article explores some tried-and-true sales techniques that you can use in your business. (Read)

Keep it legal

Startups and small businesses, employment laws matter | Vermontbiz

Between the federal, state, and local governments, laws are plentiful. Do your employees work remotely? Your state might have laws for that. Are you new to running a business? You need to know what laws are important. Read more about what employment laws you should know as a business owner. (Read)

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How to Apply for a Business Loan in 7 Simple Steps

Thinking about applying for a business loan and aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about applying for a business loan in seven simple steps. Find out what documents and information you need to apply, plus the types of loans to consider. (Read)

Cashing in on Crypto: Your Guide to Crypto Payments and Accounting

Cryptocurrency is one of the latest buzzes in finance. If you’re considering accepting crypto payments at your business, you need to know how to account for those transactions. Check out this article for more information on how you should record crypto payments in your books. (Read)


A Rise in Unemployment Fraud Requires Quick Employer Action

Did you receive an unemployment claim that looked a little suspicious? Not sure if the paperwork you received from your state’s unemployment department is legitimate? Have no fear. Learn how to identify and solve fraudulent unemployment claims so you don’t see rising unemployment tax rates for your business. (Read)

Unhappy With Your PPP Forgiveness Outcome? Here’s How to File a PPP Loan Appeal

When you submit your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness application, you may receive a determination you did not expect. If your PPP loan forgiveness outcome isn’t what you thought it was going to be, you might be able to file an appeal. Check out this article to see if you qualify to file an appeal, how to do so, and what you can anticipate during the process. (Read)