The Cleaning Authority of Hammonton, NJ

Whether you’re a franchise or independent small business, Patriot’s online payroll for franchises is there to save you money and provide outstanding customer service.

The Cleaning Authority is an environmentally-friendly franchise that offers regularly scheduled or one-time cleanings for home and office. The business’s emphasis on green practices promotes a clean house and earth.   

Patriot customer Jeffrey Hyman owns The Cleaning Authority of Hammonton, NJ, and has 25 employees at his franchise. Each of his employees is fully trained, so customers can expect an amazing clean every time. We spoke with Jeffrey Hyman to find out about his business.

Why did you want to be an entrepreneur?

I have owned quite a few businesses over the years. Having both a Ph.D. and an MBA, my entry into the workforce was as a college professor. After deciding that I no longer wanted to be in the “publish/perish” rut, I ventured into the business ownership world. I have also worked as the Director of Operations for several different franchise concerns—but I always came back to owning my own business. I love the freedom and the feeling of building something of value.

What led you to own your own franchise?

Franchising is a wonderful model—you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. When purchasing the right franchise, you will get a strong operating system, a proven marketing program, and a recognizable brand. All things that an independent owner takes years and years and lots of money to develop.

What separates The Cleaning Authority from the competition?

Put very simply, The Cleaning Authority is THE #1 green cleaning franchise in the country. Our specialty is our detail clean rotation system which can and is used in both homes and offices. In addition, the Hammonton, NJ office of The Cleaning Authority prides itself on being a quality employer that accords the respect and admiration that its employees deserve. As the owner, I am extremely proud of what my management and field staff accomplishes every day.

What prompted you to switch payroll providers?

I used my prior payroll provider for two years. Two reasons for moving away from the provider: price and service. For the first, nearly everything I asked from the provider was an “add on.” As for service, after not receiving paychecks two times, I decided it was time to use a more reliable system.

Why did you choose Patriot?

I chose Patriot’s full service payroll after doing some internet research. The system seemed easy and the person I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. More, I felt she was honest and professional.

What is the cost savings of using Patriot instead of your previous payroll provider?

While I can’t give an exact dollar savings, I do know that what I pay per month with Patriot is what I paid per week with the provider I replaced.

The Cleaning Authority visual

Would you recommend Patriot to other small business owners?

I would, and have, definitely recommended Patriot. I always talk about the online customer service—it is quick and results-driven. I talk about the cost savings—something that is too important in the competitive small business world.

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