5 Benefits of Participating in Small Business Saturday® 2018

Small Business Saturday 2017

Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday® is sweeping the nation yet again. Small Business Saturday 2018 delivers a chance for small companies to tackle the holiday shopping season.

Big businesses might be ramping up their marketing campaigns for the holidays, but being a part of Small Business Saturday (SBS) can position your company for success, too.

So, are you participating in Small Business Saturday 2018? If not, you could be missing out on some significant business benefits.

What Is Small Business Saturday?

Originated in 2010 by American Express, Small Business Saturday is a national shopping day that takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This small business day gives consumers the opportunity to Shop Small® and support their local communities.

Small Business Saturday 2018

Small Business Saturday 2018 takes place on November 24. Be sure to tell customers about SBS 2018 ahead of time. Don’t wait until the morning of November 24 to start promoting your business’s participation.

Millions of consumers nationwide get out and Shop Small. In 2017, approximately 108 million consumers generated an estimated $12 billion for small companies on Small Business Saturday.

5 Benefits of Small Business Saturday 2018

Show consumers that you support small business by participating in Small Business Saturday 2018. Here are just some of the benefits of participating in SBS.

Small Business Saturday 2018

1. Build brand awareness

Building brand awareness is the key to running a business that customers trust. Without brand awareness, customers may not be able to identify your business. Regardless of whether you’re a new small business or have been around for years, use Small Business Saturday to build brand awareness.

Millions of consumers are familiar with Small Business Saturday. Knowing your business is participating in a nationally recognized shopping day adds credibility to your name. And when you piggyback on American Express’s SBS national advertising campaigns, you can build brand awareness for your business by letting consumers know you are participating.

Use American Express’s free, customizable marketing materials to let consumers know your business is a part of Small Business Saturday 2018. Create and download the materials. Then, include them on your business’s social media pages, website, and storefront.

After creating your marketing materials, you can also request a Shop Small Kit. The Shop Small Kit comes with balloons, tote bags, stickers, thank you cards, and other merchandise. You must apply for a kit by November 6, 2018.

To further build brand awareness, use targeted hashtags in your social media posts. Terms like #ShopSmall and #SmallBizSat are used by businesses nationwide.

2. Ramp up sales numbers

For most companies, meeting sales projections is a big deal. Small Business Saturday can help your small company ramp up sales. Because it is a prime shopping day, customers might be apt to spend more. To encourage consumer spending on SBS, you can offer deals like a buy one get one free special.

In addition to bringing in more money, Small Business Saturday can help you get rid of old inventory. You can mark down items at the end of their product life cycle for the day. Or, you can include a free, outdated product as a gift when customers purchase on SBS. By depleting your old inventory, you can make room for new products while boosting your bottom line.

To optimize sales, consider accepting credit card payments. Many consumers shop exclusively with credit cards, and failing to take this payment method could cost your business.

3. Get involved in your community

Being an active member of your community is a necessary part of building your small business reputation. This Small Business Saturday, show your community what your business is made of. Let them know that you intend on making your business a permanent part of your community.

Getting involved in your locality lets you form connections with other organizations or members of your community. Getting involved can improve consumer loyalty and encourage people to rally around your small business.

Consider giving back to your community with donations or volunteer work. For example, you could donate 10% of your profits on Small Business Saturday to a local cause.

You could also partner up with other small business owners. Partnering with other businesses helps you boost sales and increase brand awareness. And, joining forces with another small business could be the start of a long and mutually beneficial affiliation.

4. Set your business apart

Use Small Business Saturday to highlight your business’s uniqueness. You can hone in on the things that separate you from your competition by drawing attention to your business’s originality.

When customers enter your small business, talk to them about your company’s history. Connect your customers with your brand’s story to set your business apart.

Unlike busy corporations, you can connect with customers, provide a memorable and personalized shopping experience, set aside time to answer questions, and quickly solve problems.

Small Business Saturday 2018 isn’t your chance to compete with the huge deals national chains can offer. It’s your chance to set your business apart and show customers why spending a little more on quality and originality is worth it.

5. Improve future marketing efforts

Small Business Saturday is also a great way to build your customer list. Increasing your customer base can help you improve your marketing efforts.

When new customers come into your business, grab their contact information. You can ask customers for their emails, or encourage them to connect with your small business on social media. Be sure to touch base with your new contacts later on.

By connecting with customers on Small Business Saturday, you can strengthen your future marketing efforts. Get to know new customers, including their names, likes, and dislikes. That way, you can tailor future marketing efforts.

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