Building Brand Recognition With Your Team

Promoting a small business can be tough (and expensive). How do you get customers to fall in love with your products and services without breaking the bank? Use a brand recognition strategy to boost business with word-of-mouth marketing.

What is your brand?

Sometimes, small business owners struggle to understand what a brand is. But, the concept can be summed up simply. Your brand is your promise to your customers and employees. It defines what they can expect from your business. And, it shows how your products and services are different from competitors’.

A strong brand is a powerful force when it comes to growing your business. It makes it easier for you to connect with vendors, customers, and employees. These individuals are key to increasing net profit. When people connect with your message, they want to do business with you.

A good brand uses consistent messaging through all business communications. From the sign on your building to engaging customers on social media, everything that your business expresses must align with the same message.

Brand recognition reflects how well consumers can identify your business and its values. Your brand needs to be easily recognizable and unique from your competitors. The better brand recognition your business receives, the more sales you make.

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What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who endorses your business. An ambassador helps market a company and openly shows their support. Many celebrities promote products and services from large corporations to build brand awareness.

As a small business owner, chances are you can’t get an A-list movie star to tell the world how great your company is. But, since you target a local market, you don’t need to. Your employees can act as brand ambassadors for your business.

An employee brand ambassador acts as an advocate for your business. They must care about the company and its offerings. When employees believe in your brand, customers notice. Your business will gain support from your target market because of your team’s advocacy.

Employee brand ambassador program

Unfortunately, you can’t train employees to be brand ambassadors. Being a brand ambassador requires passion that comes from connecting with the business.

But, you can set up an employee brand ambassador program to help turn workers into advocates. Try the following tips to build brand recognition with your team.

Lead your workforce

If you want your employees to be brand ambassadors, you need to be an active leader. The way you manage your employees has a huge impact on their loyalty to your business. Get involved with your workforce and day-to-day operations.

Build a community around your brand that starts within your business. Lead by example and convey your company’s message in your actions. When employees complete tasks in a way that reflects your brand, show them gratitude.

Educate your employees

Your employees will not appreciate your brand if they do not understand it. Meet with your team and talk about your business’s values. Tell them your startup story and relate your message back to customers.

To be brand ambassadors, employees need to know your business’s target market. Take the time to teach employees about your customers. Express how it’s important for employees to understand customers and their needs.

Take a transparent approach to showing employees your brand. Employees can see past generic phrasing and phony enthusiasm. You won’t have to force passion on your employees. It should come naturally as they connect with your brand.

Get employees involved

For brand recognition with your team, encourage employee engagement. Creating a fun and interesting workplace turns employees into brand ambassadors. Set up engagement strategies to make work more than just a nine to five.

Employee engagement is all about creating an environment that makes workers happy and productive. Give employees everything they need to do the job and create a plan for onboarding new employees. Make employees feel that they each have an important role in the business’s success.

Track success

Measuring your team’s progress helps reinforce brand recognition. Together, your team can create goals based on your business’s values and message.

Set quantifiable goals that your employees can work towards. For example, you might want to increase visibility, generate more leads, or gain a larger social following. Use marketing metrics to track success, review the results, and make improvements.

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