5 Freelancers Who Will Save You Time and Money

Are you a business owner who is seeing more and more responsibilities pile up?

To create a flourishing business, it’s imperative to understand how to spend your time efficiently. Successful entrepreneurs develop a system for managing their time so they can focus on growing their small business.

As a small business owner, it’s easy to get bogged down in your day to day tasks. For your business to thrive in an environment that demands attention all the time, you need to learn how to leverage human capital. Take advantage of freelancers to further your business and open up your schedule. Here are five of the most important freelancers you should be hiring to get your business growing.

Freelancers who will save you time and money

#1 – Accounting freelancer

First of all, accounting is probably one of the most important (and most boring) parts of running your business. In the beginning, you probably remember how excited you were to open your proverbial “doors” to the public and start making money.

You might not have known about the countless hours you would spend to keep up with your books. If you’re doing it correctly, at least one or two times a month you pour over what seems to be Egyptian hieroglyphics as you try to organize your general ledger entries.

Finding an accountant to freelance for your small business can free up your time and restore your sanity. So that’s a twofer for your company. This freelancer already understands how to plan for major expenses and track them constantly. They will be able to keep you on track with making deposits, setting aside money for taxes, paying employees, formatting your invoices for future use, and so much more. Having a professional who thrives in this atmosphere will help your business tremendously.

#2 – Customer support freelancer

One of the major aspects of most businesses is making sure the customer is taken care of. This can get hectic, especially if there’s an uptick in sales. When this happens, you will slowly start to see your time diminish as you walk into the black hole of conversation with your customers.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s one of the best practices your business can perfect. When you can give awesome customer support, your patrons will never forget their experiences.

Unfortunately, you’re only one person, and if you want to see your company grow, you’re going to need more time. When you’re constantly talking to customers and answering questions, you’re not spending time building your business.

The customer support freelancer is an important extension of your business because they allow you to grow your company while they become the voice of your brand.

You need to make sure the freelancer you get to be the ambassador of your business is perfect in every way. Usually, these professionals already know and understand the ropes of talking to customers. The only thing you need to concern yourself with when hiring this freelancer is to grab one in the same niche as your business.

If you’re in eCommerce and selling on Amazon, hire an eCommerce customer support professional who already understands the ins and outs of this platform. More than likely, they will have already heard all of the questions and are more prepared for the job.

#3 – New customer outreach freelancer

What is your business doing to expand and reach new markets? If this is one idea you have for your company, then you already know the time it takes to perfect new strategies and stay consistent with the old ones as well.

It’s important to represent your brand consistently in any form of business, especially if you’re trying to maintain an online or social media presence. However, your approach to the same person when they are conducting a web search vs. when they are on social media can be different.

A new customer outreach professional can make it their job to reach new markets and maintain your brand’s presence. These freelancers are great at email marketing, creating social media strategies, advertising, and expanding your business.

Using a new customer outreach freelancer will allow you to spend time developing business growth strategies while someone else focuses on expanding your brand on other fronts.

#4 – Lead generation freelancer

As you already know, customers are what will keep your business up and running. While you are thankful for a “one and done” purchase, you want returning customers who will keep your brand at the top of their minds when they need something.

Creating lead magnets and building lead pages are great ways to encourage repeat business. Having welcome and reminder emails set up so your customers don’t forget your company can go a long way.

As you may have guessed, maintaining repeat business can take up a lot of your time as well. The lead generation professional handles every characteristic of this side of your company.

Lead generation freelancers are comfortable with building lead pages, creating lead magnets that are relevant to your company, and attracting new leads to your brand. Remember, the email is the most powerful extension of your business in getting more sales. Don’t skimp when it comes to this part of your company, as it could mean the difference between closing your doors and not.

#5 – Content writing freelancer

I’m partial to this attribute of business because the content you produce can directly affect a potential customer. It can prompt them to take action on whatever it is you’re trying to get them to do.

Not everyone is equipped with stellar writing skills. Sitting in front of a laptop, staring at a blinking cursor, and trying to think of something smart to say (and then fill that space with 500 – 1,000 words) can be hard for some people.

This is where content writers come in handy. These freelancers are experts at adapting your brand message. They can easily spread your message to potential customers with articles about relevant topics they care about.

Doing all of your business writing can eat up a lot of your time. While this is yet another important aspect of growth, it may not be the best idea to take on by yourself. Spread your message and build your company at the same time by hiring this professional.

In conclusion

Every entrepreneur wants to grow their business. You get up early and work late into the night. You have already proven you have the chops to get this done. However, if you’re taking on all of these projects, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your business even faster.

Take a look at your end goals. How can you make growth happen? Which areas do you need the most help in? Figure these questions out, work with freelancers, and watch your brand take hold.

These views are made solely by the author.

Connor Gillivan

Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of FreeeUp.com. When he's not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he's mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, ConnorGillivan.com. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

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