How This Business Owner Saves Money With Patriot Software’s Payroll for Franchises

Patriot Software’s online accounting and payroll software helps small business owners get back to running their businesses. We spoke with Patriot customer Kyle Daly, who co-owns three Phenix Salon Suites franchises along with his brother, to learn about his business.

Phenix Salon Suites is a nationwide franchise that acts as a one-stop shop for salon services. Kyle has one employee at each salon who oversees day-to-day activities in addition to independent salon professionals.

Where are your businesses located?payroll for franchises 1

At the moment, my brother, Devin, and I are co-owners of three Phenix Salon Suites locations in the Southern California region. The LA-area stores are in Glendale and West Hollywood, and the Orange County store is in Mission Viejo. We hope to open additional locations in the coming months.

How many employees do you have at each location?

Typically, each location has only one employee who oversees the day-to-day affairs of the salon during peak hours. Our salon professionals (hair stylists, estheticians, massage therapists, nail techs, etc.) rent their space and effectively act as their own independent small businesses.

When did you open your own franchise, and how did you get involved?

Our first location opened for business in October 2014, and the next two locations followed shortly thereafter. The salon suites concept was brought to my attention by a franchise broker I was working with while living in Chicago. He actually referred me to a competitor company, and while researching that company I stumbled upon Phenix.Payroll for franchises 2

Phenix already had a strong national presence, and I quickly sensed that the salon suite concept would revolutionize the beauty and wellness industry. The business model appeared to be very compact, transparent, and scalable, and with my brother already living in the LA-area, I felt that by relocating to the West Coast we could combine forces and build something beyond our individual capabilities.

What surprised you the most about owning your own business?

I believe the most surprising part has been the diversity of skills which we have been required to draw upon. We tend to be “hands-on” owners, and that typically requires a working knowledge of disciplines as varied as law, commercial real estate, marketing, franchise accounting and taxation, and property management.

I certainly feel that the skills honed in this business are transferable to other business endeavors.

How has using Patriot Software changed your payroll processing?payroll for franchises 3

Prior to switching to Patriot’s Full Service Payroll, we used Intuit’s Full Service Payroll product, which cost $101 per month for each store.

In many regards, both Intuit and Patriot are very straightforward, user-friendly products. The cost savings with Patriot, however, are so substantial that the decision to switch was incredibly simple. Our monthly bill for all three locations has been reduced from $303 to roughly $75, and I believe the service and support is as strong or stronger than before!

What would you tell another small business owner who is thinking about making the switch?

I would encourage any small business owner to consider Patriot Software. The Patriot staff was very helpful during the transition and setup phase. During most weeks, payroll is literally a 60-second process of entering an employee’s hours and approving the payment. There is absolutely no need to outsource the task to an accountant or bookkeeper.

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