In light of the coronavirus pandemic, this roundup heavily features the best small business articles relating to COVID-19 we read in May.

Small business tips

Facilitating Virtual Collaboration: Tips and Tricks for Being Creative Virtually | Duarte

It’s no secret that this coronavirus age has changed the way we do business. With many small businesses nationwide going fully remote amidst the pandemic, workers have had to find new ways to collaborate and be innovative virtually. This article outlines five tips and tricks for being creative while collaborating online. (Read)

5 Strategies to Help Your Small Business Survive a Recession | crowdspring

Recession is a word no small business owner wants to hear. But when it comes to a recession, it’s better to be prepared than to be panicking. To help your small business survive a possible future recession, follow the five tips in this article. (Read)

In the workplace

Creating All-Hands Meetings That Make An Impact | Slab

Do your virtual team meetings seem dull and unproductive? If so, it’s time for a change. This article breaks down the importance of all-hands meetings and how they can turn your meetings around. Learn about the process of all-hands meetings and how they can energize your team. (Read)

How to Avoid Confusion with Clear Communication | Michael Hyatt & Co.

Communication is key in the workplace. But, poor communication can corrupt your business. To keep communication clear and avoid any confusion at work, push for clarity, and be willing to over-communicate. Read this article to learn tips for becoming a clear communicator. (Read)

Advice for business owners

Managing Stress As A Founder During The Coronavirus Pandemic: 5 Effective Techniques | Minutes

Running and growing a business is stressful. And, throwing a pandemic into the mix doesn’t make it any easier. To effectively manage the stress of running a business during coronavirus, take advantage of the five techniques in this article. (Read)

Marketing your business

COVID-19 and Email Marketing: What to Do When Reopening Is on the Horizon | MarketingProfs

As a business owner, COVID-19 has likely altered the way your company operates. And along with shaking up your day-to-day operations, you may need to rethink your marketing tactics if you haven’t already … especially your email marketing communications. This article gives you the rundown on how to use email marketing in a post-coronavirus era. (Read)


Your small business and coronavirus: What you should spend money on now | USA Today

Because of the coronavirus, managing your business’s money is more important now than ever. To help your small business survive and keep cash flow comin’, learn what you should and should not be spending your company’s hard-earned cash on. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


PPP Forgiveness Calculation: Process & Example

Interested in finding out how much of your PPP loan is forgivable? You’ve come to the right place. This article breaks down the process of how to calculate your PPP loan forgiveness amount with an in-depth example. (Read)

What Is Gross Margin, and How Can it Help Determine Profitability?

Gross margin can tell you if you’re pricing your offerings too low, if your cost of goods sold is too high, or if you need to make some adjustments at your business. But, what exactly is gross margin? Read this article to find out what is gross margin and how you can use it to set prices for your goods or services. (Read)


PPP Loan Forgiveness: How to Get Your PPP Loan Forgiven

To get your PPP loan fully forgiven, you have to keep detailed records, use the loan for eligible expenses, and apply for loan forgiveness. This article walks you through the PPP loan forgiveness process and includes tips on how to ensure your PPP loan is forgiven. (Read)

What Is the Employee Retention Credit, and How Does It Work for Employers?

Does your business need a helping hand during this coronavirus age? If your business is struggling due to the ripple effects of COVID-19, consider claiming the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Check out this article to learn all about the ERC and how it can help your business bounce back from the coronavirus. (Read)