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Advice for business owners 

The Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Business Relationships | Next Big Idea Club

You might feel a little rusty when it comes to making connections with others. After all, social distancing has become a habit at this point. But in business, building relationships is everything. From learning how to listen to following up, brush up on these five tips to get back to connecting.  (Read)

Here’s how you should price your deep tech startup’s product | The Next Web

Do you run a deep tech startup? Are you struggling with setting the right price for your product? If you answered yes to both questions, take a gander at this article to help you get started. Advice you’ll find in this article includes making your pricing model easy to understand and maximizing your perceived value. (Read)


New Report Looks at Best Times to Post to Each Platform, Based on Insights from 20k Users | Social Media Today

Ever notice you get more social media engagements at different times of the day? You’re not alone. Some times are just better for posting than others. If you want to learn the best times to engage with followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, check out this article. (Read)

5 reasons why content marketing is essential in 2021 | SmartBrief

If you’re not on board the content marketing train, you might consider starting. So, why is content marketing so great? This article goes over five reasons why: 1) Connections, 2) Interactions, 3) Faster decision making, 4) Lead generation and conversions, and 5) Organic search ranking improvements. (Read)

In the workplace

How HR Can Reduce Employee Anxiety About Going Back to Work | Total Brain

Feeling a little anxious about returning to the office? More than likely, your employees are, too. In fact, a number of workers are dealing with anxiety during the transition from remote to in-office work. Check out this article for tips on helping your team through the adjustment period. (Read

What Should Your Business Still Be Doing Manually, Anyway? | Forbes

With so much revolving around automation, you might be wondering if there’s anything manual you should be doing in your business. Well, wonder no more. Respond to customer reviews, provide customer support, engage on social media, and thank customers manually. Read this article (by our own CEO Mike Kappel!) for more information. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


13 Accounting Periods … Say What?!

Many businesses use 12 accounting periods each calendar year. But, some rely on 13 accounting periods to avoid throwing off their financial reports. Which should you go with? Take a look at this article to find out what it is exactly, the pros and cons of 13 accounting periods, and an example. (Read)

“SOS! Do I Need to Prepare a 1099 for Credit Card Payments I Make to Contractors?”

So—you know you need to create Forms 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC when you make qualifying vendor and contractor payments throughout the year. But, what if you make the payments using your credit card? How about debit cards? Mobile wallets? Learn who’s responsible for preparing 1099s for credit cards and similar payment methods here. (Read)


How to Calculate Payroll Taxes

Rule #1 of paying employees is running payroll. And when you’re running payroll by hand, you need to know how to calculate payroll taxes. Get the scoop in this must-read article, including examples, definitions, and more. (Read)

Can You Pay an Employee Two Different Hourly Rates? Employer Considerations

From working two different jobs at your business to receiving hazard pay, there are some situations where an employee may receive at least two different hourly rates. So, what should you do before making these pay determinations? Check out this article for the information you need, including expert quotes on key considerations to keep in mind. (Read)