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Advice for business owners

How (and Why) to Continually Update Your Business Plan | StartupNation

Did you create a business plan during the startup phase of your business, then set it on a shelf to collect dust? This article goes over the reasons why you shouldn’t do that. And, it provides three ways you can update your plan for the new year. (Read)

10 Strategies to get your company financially fit | Idaho State Business Journal 

Are your business’s finances fit as a fiddle? Even if you think so, there’s always room for improvement. From optimizing your bookkeeping to auditing accounts receivable, inventory, and other assets, this article lays out 10 ideas for kickstarting your business’s financial fitness plan. (Read)

In the workplace

This Is the Best Interview Question to Ask to Evaluate Someone’s Self-Awareness | Inc.

Do you struggle to find talented employees who possess both hard and soft skills? If you want to learn more about a candidate’s self-awareness or empathy before extending a job offer, this article is for you. Find out the one question you should ask during an interview to evaluate a candidate’s self-awareness. (Read)

Most Americans Don’t Take a Break During the Holidays | Small Business Trends

If you didn’t take a break this past holiday season, you’re not alone. This article reports that 27.3% of workers don’t take off from work during the holiday season. But, your business may actually see an increase in productivity when you and your employees take some time off. Check out this article for more stats. (Read)


Small Business Owners Need to Take 6 Marketing Strategies into Consideration | Level343

The marketing landscape is changing. This article talks about some strategies small business owners should implement to grow their companies, including customer-centric marketing, the use of paid channels, risk-taking, social media promotion, event hosting, and influencer marketing. (Read)

7 steps to an effective Facebook marketing strategy | Sprout Social 

How’s your Facebook marketing strategy looking? If it needs a fresh coat of paint, but you’re not sure where to start, this article is for you. Chock-full of useful statistics, this article lays out seven tips business owners can use to give their Facebook marketing strategy some love. (Read)

When it comes to sales

Time to Put a Stop to Buyer Objections | Engage Selling

When you work in sales, you likely deal with buyer objections on a regular basis. This article provides six action points to help you change that. From being quiet to digging deeper into the reasoning for an objective, find out how to salvage a sale that’s riddled with disagreeing customers. (Read)

Small business articles from Patriot

Here are some of the top accounting and payroll articles published by Patriot Software.


A Seller’s Guide to Economic Nexus Laws by State

Have you heard of a little thing called economic nexus? If you haven’t, this article provides a brief recap of the sales tax nexus for online sales. Then, it dives into the states with economic nexus laws and what those laws are. Check out this article for the complete rundown. (Read)

Small Business Tax Preparation Checklist

Tax filing season has commenced. And you know what that means for your business … It’s time to start thinking about the business tax return you have to file. This article goes over the ins and outs of business tax filing and provides an easy-to-use checklist. So go ahead—take a peek and streamline your tax preparation process. (Read)


Updates to the Income Tax Withholding Tables and What You Need to Know

This year, the IRS significantly changed how employers will handle federal income tax withholding. As a result, there are a number of new income tax withholding tables employers should know about. There are withholding tables for employees with a pre-2020 Form W-4 on file as well as tables for employees who fill out a 2020 Form W-4. Learn more here. (Read)

Don’t Forget to Collect State W-4 Forms from New Hires

Like the federal Form W-4, which determines how much employers withhold from employee wages for federal income tax, a state W-4 determines state income tax withholding. The majority of states have their own version of the W-4 form, especially now that the federal form has been revamped. However, there are some states that use the federal version for their state W-4 form. Learn more about state W-4 forms and which form you need to distribute. (Read)